Streamlined Care

Our integrated approach streamlines the staff-to-patient interaction. This results in more time for direct treatment and care. Ultimately creating increased staff and patient satisfaction.


DTB Systems offers a wide-range of services that can be specifically tailored to fit your department.
Our goal is always ease-of-use and high efficiency.

Workflow Automation

Save time and eliminate extra steps. Automated Rounding and Reminders ensure patient satisfaction and proper records.

Wait-Time Reduction

Shared workload ensures quick staff response and reduced alarm fatigue. Use mobile devices to delegate calls by type and/or location to available team members.

Staff Efficiency

With automation and integration of critical systems, everything is placed at your finger-tips across all devices

Staff Safety

Integrated Tracking and One-Touch Communications deliver staff protection and assistance with the touch of a button.


Reduce wasted time in the patient visit and allow MAs and providers more time to care for the patients. Overhead cost reduction and better patient satisfaction.

Analytics & Reporting

Collect data to help make smart decisions and improvements: Track Exposure and Assets, Trend Performance for Benchmarks, Fix Bottlenecks and Prepare for the Future.


We have chosen these products based on your industry.
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Nurse Call Systems

Our systems allow users to become more efficient with their workforce as well as increase patient satisfaction and safety.

Monitoring Systems

Wireless sensors make manual monitoring and data logging a thing of the past. Secure, state-of-the-art sensors continuously monitor conditions, then communicate with the cloud-based software via your existing IT network.

Real-Time Tracking Systems (RLTS)

Think of RTLS as GPS for the indoors—a system that displays the real-time locations of people and things on a floor plan of a building or on a list.

Sound & Paging

Audio systems for your entire building.