Now Time is on your side.

Wireless Clock Systems

With Primex Wireless clocks and timers, you can trust the accuracy of every clock throughout your facility. Using either your Wi-Fi network or our unique 72MHz broadcast frequency to transmit the wireless signal, our systems seamlessly synchronize every clock independently to display the exact same time. With a variety of style and power options, plus dedicated project managers to ensure smooth installation, Primex Wireless is the choice worldwide for synchronized time solutions.e.

  • Primex Wireless XR 72MHZ Clock System

    Accurate and reliable, our economical XR Series Time Synchronization solution keeps organizations running on schedule by leveraging a powerful 72MHz signal to transmit time to clocks, timers, and other devices.

  • Primex Wireless OneView Platform

    Primex Wireless recognizes today’s organizations have complex network infrastructures, a division of responsibilities, and standard information security policies associated with data confidentiality, network bandwidth, and security of the systems deployed at their facilities. The following overview of the OneVue platform is intended to provide the information to answer the technical questions you or your staff may have regarding the Primex OneVue platform and Primex devices.