Now Time is on your side.

Wireless Clock Systems

With Primex Wireless clocks and timers, you can trust the accuracy of every clock throughout your facility. Using either your Wi-Fi network or our unique 72MHz broadcast frequency to transmit the wireless signal, our systems seamlessly synchronize every clock independently to display the exact same time. With a variety of style and power options, plus dedicated project managers to ensure smooth installation, Primex Wireless is the choice worldwide for synchronized time solutions.e.

  • Primex Wireless OneVue Platform

    Unifying timekeeping across entire campuses and facilities through one point of network access.

    Over the last 15 years, Primex synchronized time systems have been installed in over 12,000 schools, universities, hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide. Whether you’re in education, healthcare, manufacturing, business or government, OneVue Sync and Monitor solutions can help make time synchronization less time consuming.


    OneVue synchronized clocks for schools help keep staff and students moving throughout the school day:

    • On-time arrivals and departure
    • Precise class change and passing periods
    • Scheduled extracurricular activities and meetings
    • Monitor standardized testing times


    OneVue synchronized clocks for hospitals help medical professionals keep accurate time documentation and record-keeping:

    • Recording sentinel events like patient harm, injury or death
    • On-time delivery of medication, testing and surgical procedures
    • Accurate documentation of coded events
    • Consistent shift changes for hospital personnel
    • Time-based billing and insurance disputes

    Offices and Manufacturing

    OneVue Sync allows one location or multiple buildings to stay on schedule:

    • On-time meetings throughout the building
    • Consistent lunch and break schedules across locations
    • Automatic adjustments for Daylight Saving Time
    • Routine reset after a power outage
  • Primex Wireless XR 72MHZ Clock System

    Facility-wide Time Synchronization

    ClassicSync products provide synchronized time using our 72MHz unique broadcast frequency to transmit a wireless signal to all system devices. The frequency allows the wireless signal to broadcast through common building materials.

    ClassicSync works as a stand-alone solution for legacy systems. It does not require subscription to OneVue software, and therefore lacks those more robust automation and reporting features.