RTLS Systems

Just what is a real-time locating system? Think of RTLS as GPS for the indoors—a system that displays the real-time locations of people and things on a floor plan of a building, or in a list. Versus combines location information with sophisticated rules-based software to also automate workflows, reducing data entry

  • Versus Technology RTLS

    Established in 1988, Versus Technology Inc.’s real-time locating system is the most-deployed RTLS in healthcare, with more than 1,250 licenses in use across the world. Dedicated to making healthcare safer and more efficient through location and rules-based automation, our solutions foster improved care giving, and ultimately set a new standard in healthcare.

    We achieve this through our state-of-the-art locating technology, badges and software. Our technology combines infrared (IR) and radio frequency identification (RFID) signals to locate patients, staff, visitors, equipment, charts and other assets tagged with our badges. Next, the Versus software platform captures and transmits the location data directly to information systems in order to manage resources, services and processes more efficiently.

    Versus’ IR-RFID locating system is praised by CFOs, IT Directors, CMOs, Nurses and Integrators alike.  And the ROI achieved by Versus’ clients speaks for itself:

    • Reduced annual property loss from $1.5M to $40K
    • Increased the number of patient care rooms by 150 percent without adding staff
    • Eliminated clinic waiting rooms, positively impacting patient flow
    • Reduced phone calls by 75 percent to create quieter, healing environments
    • “Fixed” the Pyxis Medication Dispensing units (and eliminated manual workarounds) so the machines release meds when patients arrive in the unit
    • Increased bed capacity by 25 percent without laying a single brick
    • Identified staff requiring prophylaxis after short, forgotten interactions with infectious patients
    • Reduced each nurse’s walking distance by ½ mile per shift

    Real-Time Vision, Superior Precision

    To achieve superior healthcare delivery, institutions rely on superior locating technologies. Only Versus combines patented infrared (IR) and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to provide the industry’s most precise, real-time location of people and assets.

    Versus’ comprehensive software suites facilitate alert messaging and event automation, real-time and historical reporting, as well as integration to virtually all healthcare information systems. Our systems allow this data to be applied to operational improvements that produce measurable results.