School Intercom Systems

School Intercom

Multizone paging systems capable of bell scheduling and classroom intercom function

  • Bogen E7000 IP Intercom

    E7000 Series is a software-based state-of-the-art IP-based paging and intercom solution that leverages the latest digital, mobile and software technologies to address today’s educational environments, security challenges and mobile lifestyles. But to call it a paging and intercom system is to understate its capabilities in communication, safety and security. Bogen’s E7000 is a suite of powerful, yet easy to use tools that allows educators to quickly and effectively manage campus and district- wide communications.

    E7000 features a remarkably easy to use software suite with an intuitive web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI). E7000 is built upon Bogen’s proprietary Nyquist software platform and is designed to leverage existing LAN/WAN and/or legacy ‘home-run’ cable infrastructure for cost effective deployments. IP phones and purpose-built E7000-compatible appliances provide convenient communication control and interoperability with third-party devices.


    •  Mobile Accessibility – Instantaneous accessibility to campus and district-wide communications is vital for the safety and security of students and staff. E7000 allows administrators to access the system 24/7 from anywhere in the connected world, even with mobile devices. E7000 can help with features such as call monitoring, call recording and playback, emergency paging with pre-programmed announcements and much more.

    •  Security device integration – E7000 interfaces with select third-party security devices such as locks, alarm systems, and sensors via the programmable I/O Controller appliance.

    •  State-of-the-art Paging and Intercom – Paging and intercom functions are brought to new levels of sophistication and control, including text-to-speech capability (Fig-2) and a map-based user interface with hierarchical drill-down views (Fig-4). Users no longer need to look up or remember a facility’s or station’s number in order to communicate with any area or station on the campus.

    •  Station & Appliance Supervision – The system automatically alerts administrators via email and dashboard pop-up notice if stations and/or appliances go off-line (Fig-3).

    •  Unmatched Audio Capability – Bogen’s 85-year history of audio excellence is evident in the range and quality of audio features.

    •  Unlimited Scheduling – Administrators can take full control of scheduling functions, including importing holiday schedules, via E7000’s powerful web-based user interface.

    •  Convenient and Powerful Configuration and Maintenance – IT and facilities technicians can remotely access the E7000’s GUI wherever they are to program, diagnose and control the system.

    •  Telephony – Integrated and Elevated – E7000 easily integrates with virtually any VoIP or analog phone system to create a seamless communication platform.



  • AIPhone XI Series Intercom

    Peer-to-Peer IP Video Intercom with SIP Capability

    The IX Series offers the power of an enterprise platform with the simplicity of a single system. It’s a platform for enterprise security and communications that grows with you. It expands your network across multiple security layers for one, very powerful solution. No annual Aiphone licensing fees. No proprietary servers. No need to train your staff on multiple systems. Combine that with built-in backwards/forwards compatibility and our freakish reliability, and you can feel confident in your choice for years to come.

    Utilizing SIP, register any IX Series station to Cisco Unified Call Manager® and place or forward calls to an external phone number. Master stations can now serve a dual role as a single command point, controlling security layers such as access control and emergency communications.

    With picture-in-picture, master stations can toggle between ONVIF® Profile SIP cameras and the new 1.3 megapixel cameras on IX Series video door stations. Line supervision ensures all stations are online while device check verifies every button, station speaker, and microphone are operating properly.

    The IX Series is a perfect solution for commercial sites, industrial facilities, schools, campuses, parking garages, retail, emergency call, and correctional applications.


    • All IX Series stations are PoE (Power-over-Ethernet)
    • Peer-to-peer design allows quick and simple programming and no single point of failure
    • SIP 2.0 Compliant allowing integration with Cisco Unified Call Manager®.
    • System capacity ranges from small point-of-entry security options to large-scale commercial applications with hundreds of stations
    • Partition station call-ins, door release capability by station, or scheduled transfers between stations
    • System-wide health checks – monitor the components as well as the network connection
    • Line Supervision ensures stations are online
    • Use built-in cameras for two-way master-to-master video conferencing.
    • Upload custom sounds and create a chime schedule for schools or commercial applications.
    • Use ONVIF® for 3rd party IP camera, Network Video Recorders, and VMS integration
    • Easily upgrade legacy IX systems, now and in the future
    • Scheduled, delayed, or absent call transfer
    • Customizable groups and zones for paging at multiple priority levels
    • Turn your master into a virtual receptionist – ideal for unmanned waiting areas or unstaffed lunch hours
    • Picture-in-Picture (PIP) allows an ONVIF Profile S IP camera and an Aiphone video intercom to be viewed simultaneously
    • 2 year warranty!
  • AIPhone JO Series Intercom

    Video Intercom with Mobile App Capability

    Reach more customers with the best of both worlds: the reliability of a hard-wired master station AND the convenience of a mobile app. The JO Series Video Doorbell with Mobile App Capability is the solution for on‑the‑go home‑ and small‑business owners.

    Whether it’s a delivery or an unexpected visitor, your customers can choose to see and speak with their guests – and unlock the door – while onsite using the hard‑wired master station or remotely with the mobile app. The interior master station ensures calls from the door station will not be missed, even when the internet is down or slow. If the mobile app is not required, a standard interior master station without mobile app capability is also available.

    The JO Series is available at a one-time cost without long-term contracts or fees.

    We’ve Made Changes: Better, Fast, and Stronger App Performance

    Based on your valuable feedback, we’ve made enhancements to improve your customers’ experience:

    • Boosted speed and performance
    • Stronger WiFi connection
    • Audio still transmits even when the internet is slow

    Aiphone is proud to be a rare, two-time winner of the prestigious Deming Prize for quality management and manufacturing processes. Our ISO Certified process and rigorous standards result in some of the most reliable products in the industry. Aiphone products routinely last for years, only being replaced when the application outgrows the system capacity.


    • Answer calls and unlock your door from your smartphone or other mobile devices
    • Convenient roaming app empowers staff and guards from anywhere on or off-site.
    • The on-site monitor is a guaranteed method to communicate with visitors, even if the internet is down or slow
    • Easily identify visitors on the large 7″ screen
    • Store calls with no added fees using onboard memory
    • Adding a MicroSD card to the on-site monitor increase call storage
    • Watch recorded calls from the on-site master or on the mobile app
    • See and hear who is at the door while remaining safe
    • Open the door for visitors from the on-site monitor or from the mobile app
    • Easy installation using just 2 wires, like existing doorbell wire.
    • Activate the door station video and audio feed to see and hear activity at the entry
    • Fits most modern home decor
    • Unlock your door from within the mobile app
    • A sliding button within the mobile app prevents accidental unlocking of your door
    • Available in convenient box sets!


  • Bogen Quantum IP

    Discontinued: But Still Serviced and Upgrades are Available

    Bogen’s Quantum Multicom IP is a comprehensive communications network that connects administrative areas and staff locations in a single building, in multiple building sites throughout a school campus, or an entire school district. It is filled with a variety of quality features and functions you can rely on every day for routine communications as well as depend on should an emergency situation occur.

    Programming and changes are securely accessed and conveniently configured over the facility’s network, or the internet. Authorized personnel may access Quantum using a web browser on any computer at the school or off-site.

    For new constructions and schools or districts that are expanding in size, Quantum uses the LAN/WAN connections for programming and sending of audio messages and pages so there is no need for dedicated intercom cables between buildings or across long distances. Zone paging and All-Call Emergency Paging assures that messages sent from an Administrator location are distributed exactly and only to the desired locations.

  • Bogen Multicom 2000

    Discontinued: But Still Serviced and Upgrades are Available

    The Bogen Multicom-2000 Administrative Communication System is designed for the needs of schools, and other institutional and industrial facilities. It combines private telephone communication with a full-featured sound and program distribution system, including media control. It also provides master clock control and emergency call features including “911” emergency all-call for increased security and quick response, 911 Dial Through to outside Emergency 911 operators, and Emergency 911 Administrative Alert System indicating the station placing the 911 call. The Multicom-2000 system is microprocessor controlled and fully field-programmable for remarkable versatility and dependability.

    The Multicom-2000 system can be supplied as a self-contained, wall-mounted system, or in a vertical rack-mounted configuration. The wall-mounted version can accommodate up to 120 stations in increments of 24. The rack-version can provide up to 240 stations and can include additional amplification and/or Bogen Multi-Graphic system components and available options for increased versatility.

    A unique card frame design eliminates external amplification equipment for basic systems. A single microprocessor card controls overall system function. For each 24 stations, a circuit card pair provides signal routing and a 20-watt program amplifier and 12-watt intercom amplifier.

    An associated relay module connects each station to the intercom or program bus. The system permits up to 8 simultaneous intercom communications with staff station loudspeakers and 8 unrestricted telephone communications, with simultaneous distribution of program material to stations not involved in a two-way conversation.

    The system software supports these basic station types: Staff, consisting of loudspeaker with call-in and optional handset; Enhanced Staff, with a DTMF dialing telephone set and optional loudspeaker; Administrative or Enhanced Administrative, with DTMF dialing display telephone (and optional loudspeaker). Each type of station can be further organized into levels, which determine the ability to perform different system functions. Staff and Enhanced Staff stations can make emergency calls that can activate an emergency announce link if the call is unanswered.

    System functions include 8 programmable administrative zones of paging and 8 time signaling zones. A unique modular program source interface offers a choice of three program sources (microphone, tuner, etc.). The selection of the program source and its distribution to any or all stations or zones is guided by the menu display on a designated administrative telephone. Any station equipped with a keypad dialing phone can turn program material on or off at their location.

    Telephonic features include call forwarding, call transfer and conference calling, as well as selective ability to bump or join conversations in progress. Administrative stations can also place calls on hold. A telephone interface option lets you receive and make outside calls on up to 16 incoming lines (stations can be restricted in their ability to make outgoing calls). All system control and programming is accomplished using a telephone keypad. A menu display system on the administrative telephone is provided to guide a procedure. Two special menus, protected by password, set the operating configuration. The setup menu sets the system day and time, stores time signal events, page zone and time zone data. The initialization menu sets system features (bell duration, queue timeout, day/night start, emergency link, password select, architectural number enable, preannounce/confirmation tone enable), and station features (station number, access level, architectural number [up to 6 digits], day/night administrator, outside line access).